Wavelength Counselling and Psychotherapy was founded by counsellor and psychotherapist Viv Pollard. Viv uses her experience and heartfelt approach to help her clients gain clarity, resolve issues, and relate better to themselves and those around them.

Psychotherapy and counselling normalises seemingly frenzied situations, which clears the feeling of helplessness and chaos from our lives. By reframing the situation we are able to make conscious choices from a new perspective. Relationships are central to who we are as people and to solve any situation we have to own our choices and consequences.

Depending on what your individual situation is will result in the kind of help provided. Counselling and psychotherapy can help with all kinds of issues; from behaviour changes and relationship stress to dealing with immediate crises.

For Viv, psychotherapy is all about unravelling your story. Re-telling your story can make significant changes to our future and us. By knowing and understanding our story we can identify patterns of behaviour that have positive and negative outcomes.

Invest in yourself, to be the best you.

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